How to get Started

Thank you for using Change-Pro Premier for Google G-Suite!

You are about to use the same professional document comparison technology that is used by most of the world’s largest law firms. With this application, you will be able to select a set of documents, chose your comparison options, and download your output on-the-fly!

Please log in using your Litera LiVE Credentials. If you do not have an account please select Sign Up for your free trial account from the Login Screen.

A trial account will give you 10 free comparisons. Once you have completed your trial, please visit here to find out more about our service!

Selecting Documents

Select your first document for comparison. This is considered to be the Original Document. You have the choice between the Current Document you are editing, or selecting a Document from your Google Drive.

Note: Use the headers Folders, Google Drive, and Documents to quickly sort through your content from Drive. Press the Select button at the bottom once you have made your selection.

Select the Modified Document, or the document you wish to compare against. Like your Original Document, you may choose between the Current Document you are editing, or selecting a Document from your Google Drive.

Note: If you need to modify either your Original or Modified Document Selection, simply press the X button to clear the current selection and restart the process.

Starting your Comparison

You have the option of Selecting between the following outputs:

Redline Only - All of the changes that are found are visually navigable. There will be a modifed color selection for each element affected.

Redline with Tracked Changes - This creates an editable document where the changes are marked as Suggestions in the output document where you can accept or reject them.

Once you have made your selection, press Compare to begin.

Note: Switch will reverse the order of the documents being compared, from Original, to Modified, and vice-versa.

Comparison Complete

Once your comparison is complete you may then:

Download - Downloads a copy of the file locally.

View in Drive - Redirects you to your Change-Pro Recent Comparison directory, located in Google Drive

Send as Attachement - Attach this file to a Gmail draft and send for distribution and sharing.

Open in Docs - Opens the redline document, in a new window, in Google Docs, for immediate review and editing.

To start the process over, select Start Over

Extra Options

Recent Comparisons

From the Document selection window, select the icon. This will bring up your Recent Comparisons folder, in Google Drive. From here, you can have instant access to every comparison previously performed.


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Should you receive an error during your sign-up, log-in, or following the completion of a comparison, please contact our customer support at support@litera.com